Google, Amazon and Netflix are the most beloved brands in the US

Apr 17, 2019 355 views

In the United States, a survey of consumers' most beloved brands in 2019 found that while there are expected intergenerational differences, both the average American and the American Generation Z (ages 18-21) grew up with fast internet, gadgets, and social networks) prefer three giants: Google, Netflix and Amazon.

The Search Morning Consult shows that Americans love Amazon, Google, Netflix and UPS (clearly present services in the daily lives of consumers), while the first four positions among the young generation Z are with Google, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon .

The top 25 in each group is curious. While there's billionaire brands, technology giants and retail, there is extremely popular brands, but more targeted and who have no face that they intend to "dominate the world". For example, among the Generation Z, there are the titans Amazon, Walmart and Nike, but also niche brands like Oreo and Doritos.

In fact, teenagers 18 and under have made it clear that they love social networks, fast food, video games, TV and treats (could it be any different?). In the top 25 appear Spotify, Instagram, Marvel Studios, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sprite, Pizza Hut, Skittles and Dunkin 'Donuts. This list summarizes what can be described as "a weekend and so much". None of these brands appears in the top 25 overall.

In the overall top 25, there are broader consumer brands, which create a clear picture of "adult life." From personal hygiene (Dove, Colgate), through department stores (Home Depot, Walgreens, Lowe's) and the important "first meal of the day" (Cheerios). Another curiosity: consulting the weather forecast is something for adults. The Weather Channel appears 16th in the list of most beloved brands among them.

Top 10 Overall

1. Amazon

2. Google

3. Netflix

4. UPS

5. Home Depot


7. Hershey's

8. FedEx

9. Dollar Tree

10. Cheerios


Top 10 Generation Z

1. Google

2. Netflix

3. YouTube

4. Amazon

5. Oreo

6. PlayStation

7. Walmart

8. Target

9. Doritos

10. Nintendo