What is the difference between communication and marketing?

May 28, 2019 4510 views

It is no secret to anyone that you need to invest in marketing to reach new markets, reach the public more efficiently, and make businesses grow even more. It is through this tool, and a lot of planning, that sales can increase and the brand becomes very well known.

However, many confuse the term marketing with communication. Although these actions are very similar, they have different functions and contribute in different ways to the growth of a company or organization.

If you are curious about the terms and want to know the difference between them, stay with us!

This name comes from an English language term: 'market', which means market. Marketing is the study of the market and the actions or strategies that can generate different results for brands and companies.

We know that the market has one main need: to generate profit. Within this context, marketing is responsible for studying and providing the best strategies for this purpose. This involves a number of issues: the target audience, the study of consumer behavior, a lot of research ... All this needs to be carefully analyzed and in accordance with each company, to generate good action plans and generate positive results.

Marketing is governed by four P's: price, square, product and promotion. For this reason, the professionals of the area are present in several processes that involve the development and distribution of the merchandise: participate in the development, the pricing steps, choose the places where they will be sold, logistics and dissemination, all according to their strategies.

In the business field, communication is within marketing and is part of the scope of promotion. It is directly linked to the relationship with the customer and how the product will be presented to the public.

Communication can use a variety of tools for this, but the main one is advertising and through it professionals can also analyze the product and the best ways to present it to the public, according to its characteristics and plans developed by the marketing.

This can be done through offline actions such as television commercials, spots and jingles on the radio, billboards, flyers or even online, through social networks, websites, search engines, email marketing and other media.

Marketing x Communication
Through these definitions it is possible to realize that marketing is a fundamental activity and that it encompasses diverse knowledge and studies based on the market in which the company, brand or product is inserted. Communication, however, is a marketing tool used in the promotion and dissemination of this product or service, together with its target audience and future clients.

Which one do you choose?

It is very important that the two techniques are used together for the smooth running of your company. With the marketing, will be made the analysis of the market in its different aspects, which will help a lot in the planning and development of the product. Meanwhile, communication will be critical when it comes to spreading and building rapport with the customer.

These two activities are very important for any company to stand firm in the market and achieve success.