Research shows new positions that the Marketing sector will have in the future

Nov 25, 2019 1523 views

Technology is changing the daily lives of all of us and the professions we know. On the other hand, the new tools create specific demands of each professional and Marketing is a sector that will have more than 21 new positions in the next years, according to a research of Cognizant, technology company and business.

In this study, 21 future marketing professions were detected as part of a company initiative to identify and analyze key market trends, as well as the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). "The job in Marketing was to get people's attention. Today, brands use algorithms to predict what to offer their customers, when and how," says Erica Yoshioka, Cognizant Marketing Head in Brazil.

Learn about the 21 professions that should be integrated into Marketing in the coming years.

1. Algorithmic Bias Auditor - The task is to monitor every element of AI, from product development, sales analysis, recruitment and contract review. The skill required for the job is to create affordable and inclusive consumer journeys.

2. Data Ethnographer - Number analysis to learn how consumers interact with the brand. This professional should make the best of data to improve the customer experience.

3. Mission and Values ​​Planner - Focus on defining and articulating a company's contributions to society and its purposes. It takes understanding of corporate environments and social networks.

4. A / B Neurotester - This professional will be responsible for making brands know their customers in real life to get data about what they think of their products and services. For this he needs to produce reports on the brain activity of consumers.

5. Loyalty Engineer - This job is to listen and identify customer needs and use insights to create content and make adaptations when needed.

6. Mood and Empathy Manager - Creating the perfect balance of emotions and getting the right response from consumer empathy will be this professional's primary task, especially for companies operating in a market where price and product competition is fierce.

7. Feedback and Evaluation Designer - This practitioner should develop and automate customer feedback and design, test and adjust AI mechanisms to translate into improvements in the consumption journey.

8. Cross-Brand Marketing Analyst - The primary role of this professional will be to catalyze the relationships between companies and expanding brands.

9. Sixth Sense Analyst - This work will assist the product and service development area in defining and extending relationships with the media and influencers. The trader will need to know and have access to a vast network of influencers to ensure the credibility of the next trend.

10. Machine Personality Designer - This role will be to give voice and personality to digital products and services based on customer needs with the ideal experience. This requires sharp intuition, working with people, and knowledge of culture, ethnography, sociology, and branding.

11. Simulation Assistant - In this role the main role will be to collect and present forecasts to model future usage scenarios for the services and products that the company offers to its consumers.

12. Wellness Expert - The task will basically be to complement products and services with expertise on healthier choices and create personalized moments on the consumer's journey. For this, the ideal professional should have knowledge in nutrition, physical education, mental health and healthy life.

13. Subscription Planner - Consumer habits increasingly migrate to a subscription system and Marketing teams will need a professional responsible for connecting subscriptions, earning loyalty and establishing a direct sales channel. It will be important to analyze contact situations between the brand and the customer, qualify the emotions and propose a strategy.

14. Tactile Planner - This is the opportunity to use tactile surfaces to create desire or interest in touch. This professional should find textures, materials and vibrations that stimulate touch and connect with the public.

15. Biomarketing Specialist - Biometric data provides valuable insight into customers and can be used for immediate feedback or for storing knowledge. The role of the expert will be to find opportunities to bring consumers closer to brands.

16. People and Robot Ethics Manager - Professional who specializes in ensuring that everyone follows corporate values ​​and in analyzing data from each department to understand what employees and machines think about company values.

17. Microinteraction Marketing Specialist - This role should map all rules and feedbacks to find opportunities that can influence a decision or perception to find ways and gain customer loyalty.

18. Creative Robot Director - In a short time Creative Marketing will be done by robots and this vargo requires the creation of compelling and authentic experiences on an emotional level.

19. Virtual Marketing Architect - This professional will need to understand the motivations, desires and journey of consumers in the virtual space, as well as identify opportunities to influence customers.

20. Persuasion Manager - The search for space in search engines will become increasingly fierce, and this professional needs to be able to build automated recommendations and persuade searchers to consider their products and services over competitors.

21. Storytelling Specialist - In the future, Marketing will need good storytellers to unify messages from different customer touch points. Automatically organize content and use human logic in machine-generated communications flow.