Neuromarketing is essential in building branding

Aug 19, 2019 400 views

The "cake recipe" that dictated the brand's investment in media was changed as social networks began to gain momentum. Over time, these spaces began to receive increasing attention (and input) from professionals in the area, but it is still necessary to be alert to strategies to ensure engagement with consumers.

One of the main challenges for brands today is to apply the concept of neuromarketing to branding strategies in social networks.

Neuromarketing is a deeper look at the point of view of people's consumption. It is a trend that is in the world. And in the world of online platforms, this has to be considered. to build it in social networks, in the digital environment, is even more so. Building a solid foundation of brand DNA and positioning is the big challenge.

Neuromarketing's mission is to study the consumer from the point of view of the subconscious.

Worldwide, big brands already work with directing much of the media budget with neuromarketing. "It requires a structure with a research team, anthropologists and also professionals as medical neurologists," says Simone.

There are still no brands applying the methodology of neuromarketing in campaigns. Until 15 years ago, we were marketing from the point of view of the economy, the consumer was buying products because, since the world is a world, people buy.


For her, everything changes from the moment scholars find that people buy on impulse, and the emotions are fundamental in this process. We know that people buy by impulse and totally irrational questions. We buy if we are happy, if we are sad, we buy unconsciously and neuromarketing studies exactly this behavior and helps in the construction of a branding strategy. What we see the most is TV movie being broadcast on social networks, and people still do not understand that language and involvement are other. It's a homework for the brands, and the professionals do it.

Presence of brands in social networks with engagement is still a challenge. Neuromarketing helps to know the consumption behavior of the target audience and, thus, to build a strategy.