Digital Marketing is the current market bet

Sep 27, 2019 102 views

Digital Marketing has gained more and more space among companies or individual professionals who wish to grow in their respective labor branches. As a result, interest in specialization in the area and investment by agencies has accompanied this growth in parallel.

Since its inception, the internet has been constantly evolving and, consequently, updated to offer its best, in order to make life even easier for people, whether through communication, socialization, consumption, among others. And when used in the right way, it is a strong ally to help anyone professionally, especially in the relationship between the company and the customer or the target audience.

With this and in this specific case, there was the rise of Marketing, a medium that helps in the work of building campaigns and strategies to achieve results and, in the performance of analysis, to be able to further improve and enhance the performances that were previously planned. .

And as the individual needs of each or every company emerged, Digital Marketing was gaining its market share. With it, anyone can develop their identity as a brand, publicize their work, attract new customers and create and / or maintain good contacts, for example.

That is, Digital Marketing is a type of Marketing focused exclusively on the virtual environment. Human beings spend more and more time connected to the Internet, and this also includes the consumer. Given this, it is essential - and very efficient - to use the Internet as a means of reaching customers.

But this is only possible because it is a social media propagation technique that is able to attract new business, create relationships, put the goal of the company / brand / individual into practice, and even direct and personalized, able to address someone's momentary needs.


When a person or company chooses to work with this type of approach, they are:

• Reinventing themselves to interact more with the public;
• Having the opportunity to know your customer profile, as there are tools to assist in obtaining data;
• Creating new opportunities to engage other companies with similar interests that deserve visibility and their name linked;
• Targeting the content / product to your audience, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Digital Marketing Strategies - Which Specialty and Who Is It For?

Among many, the main technique used is Organic Results, in which the customer is naturally led to relate to the company without the need for advertisements and more invasive marketing methods. That is, it mainly uses Inbound Marketing methods, such as Content Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This method is much more cost effective for the company as it is cheaper and creates a stronger bond with the customer. In other words, instead of forcing the product into the person, what happens is that the person searches for the product herself. Thus, customer engagement ends up being higher. And as long as the company does its service correctly, there is a good chance that the customer will return.

In addition, there are methods that can be used in parallel to achieve a longer range, and therefore more positive results, such as:

• Blog: exclusive channel of communication with the public, without interference from the competition within its space;
• Institutional site: provides more credibility to the business and serves as an option to answer questions and for the customer to request their services;
• Social Networks: open channel for interaction, in order to provide communication with the public, influence judgment and maintain dialogue.