Brand positioning in the consumer's mind

Sep 04, 2019 6044 views

Do you know what place your company occupies in the consumer's mind? This is a very important question for those who want to strengthen or elaborate brand positioning. For this to happen, strategies must be developed to strengthen the brand image vis-à-vis consumers.

A priori, it is important to know that the values ​​of your company should be associated directly with the brand image. Once the company culture is consolidated, it must be passed on to the public in the best possible way, transparently showing the principles and values ​​of the company.

In addition, during the brand positioning strategy, it is essential to create a positive bond to the product or service offered. Generally, this association is not made by something palpable, such as a toast or a discount, but rather by means of intangible things like satisfaction, well-being, among others.

At this point, what we call Branding emerges. The strategy takes care of the contact of your brand with the consumer, and is responsible for transforming the vision of the consumer towards your brand. In short, we can say that Branding is a set of strategic actions that, when well applied, positively influence the perception of your consumer in relation to your business.

Why do?

Investing in Branding is very important. After all, a brand that has identity creates a positive reputation.

In addition, when you have a brand positioning, your company automatically differentiates itself within the market, gaining a competitive advantage. This is because, when the placement is well executed, your brand will be the first to be remembered by the customer at the time of purchase.

With more prominence and differentiation in the market, the brand attracts new customers and loyalty to existing ones. This is because brand branding generally is done between a smaller targeting of people, that is, the placement campaign will be targeted to a qualified audience based on your brand's targeting. With this, the company establishes ties with its consumers, making a relationship.


When positioned well, hardly a mark will become forgotten again. A good example of this is Coca-Cola, Omo and Nike, which were for the fifth consecutive year in consumers' Top Of Mind. The category refers to brands that are most remembered by consumers.

How to make?

Creating a brand positioning can be easy if you already have some predefined aspects.

Do you already know the values ​​of your brand? The values ​​are non-negotiable factors, and are independent of market factors, prices or competition. The brand and its position must demonstrate the culture of your company.

Another important point is to know the differential of your product or service. The differential need not necessarily be linked to a feature of the product or service. That's why you need to identify it and offer it as something unique to consumers.

And most importantly: create a consistent brand that has personality. Make it a north for your company's actions.

This personality must be said and reinforced at all times for the public. The consistency of your brand will be primarily responsible for setting the image of your company in the mind of the consumer.

Brand positioning is a very important step in the evolution of your company. Putting this strategy into practice brings a return on the investments made, and reinforces the image of your company in the minds of its consumers.