Apple Calls for "Slofie" Term for Slow Motion Selfies

Sep 19, 2019 137 views

Chances are you inevitably frowned when you first heard the word "Slofie" announced during the Apple special event on the 10th. The term comes from "slow motion selfie", and it's, as it has been. expected of a slow-motion selife. It's one of the new features in iPhone 11: The phones' front camera can now record video at 120 frames per second, which, when slowed down, results in a clear slow-motion effect.

Turns out, if you thought Slofie was an interim term, you're pretty wrong, because Apple is after trademark registration in the United States. The request gives the word Slofie the description “downloadable computer software for use in video capture and recording”. This means that this trademark seems to have more to do with preventing other companies from creating slofie-branded camera applications than limiting the popular use of this totally invented word. Apple also has reason to want to prevent the creation of unbeatable slofie apps, as slofies must be unique to new iPhones.

Despite the focus on apps, Apple doesn't offer a slofie app or slofie mode on new iPhones. The feature is called "slo-mo" in the Apple camera app, and current use of the company's slofie refers solely to the videos that end up being the feature's results, not the app or mode used to capture them.